Extreme And Amazing Base Jumping Videos

Posted on June 8, 2010 by D-Wish.
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Forget the ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US and enter the world of Extreme and Insane Base Jumping.

For those who love an adrenaline rush brought on by jumping off the edge of the world, then these videos will get that heart racing.

Sky Diving, Bungy Jumping and Base Jumping are just some of the ways that daredevils experience, that surge of immortality brought on by cheating death.

These are 4 videos that will bring the non jumpers close to the adrenaline junkies, that get your heart racing simply by watching them. and becoming embroiled in their leaps of fate.

World Records are made and broken as man pushes the edge. These men dance with fate and throw caution to the wind, as they skip the planes and the bunjy cords, and freefall from standing positions.

They crawl to the edge and leap off the tallest points they can get to, and one man makes an incredible jump that rivals and perhaps upsets the whole base jumping world, as he leaps underwater into the deepest hole imaginable.

Video 1-All Your Base Are Belong To Him-Unreal Deep Sea Diving

Video 2-See Through The Jumpers Eyes And Feel The Rush

Video 3-Jumping Off The Tower Powerful Video

Video 4-Record Base Jumping Off The Dubai Burj Towers

High In The Sky And Deep In The Sea-Base Jumping Rocks

Time To Go Get That Adrenaline Rush

Enjoy More Of The Site!!!

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