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I feel the need for a little Animal Humor, Humor of little animals, such as frogs and trying to find out about those fantastic jumping skills.

A little boy decided to do his school project on this very subject.

He wanted to find out about the jumping skills of frogs, and set out to find out everything.

How they jump, why they jump, how far they could jump etc. etc.

This is one funny animal joke, so enjoy it and email to friends!

We call this:

Animal Humor for Everyone Except the Frog

funny animals big green frog

Ralphie was a 12-year-old kid deeply interested in the sciences.

One day he began his own investigations. With his 10-year-old sister Jen in tow, he caught a big bull frog in the local pond.

Ralphie started his experiment with the frog, and told Jen, she was to write down all the results of the experiment.
Ralphie began to draw a line in the sand, placed the frog on the line, and prodded the frog with a twig from the rear and shouted, “Jump, Jump, froggy!”

The frog jumped a great distance, and Ralphie measured the distance. “14 feet, wow, write that down, Jen,” he said.

Then, he carried the frog back to the starting point and removed the frog’s right front leg.

Then, he prodded the frog and shouted, “Jump, Jump, froggy!” The frog jumped 11 feet, and on instruction, Jen wrote it down.

Again, he carried the frog back, he then removed the left front leg, and again said “Jump,Jump, froggy!” Sidney reported, “Seven feet…write it down Jen.”

The next time, he removed the large right back leg. “Jump, froggy, Jump!”, he shouted. He prodded the frog. “The frog jumped 6 inches…write it down, Jen.”

Finally, Ralphie removed the frog’s remaining back left leg, put it down and prodded the frog with the twig shouting, “Jump, frog! Jump, frog! JUMP FROG!! JUMP JUMP FROG!!!”

But, The frog didn’t jump. Jen looked at Ralphie, and said, “Well, what should I write down?”

Ralphie thought for a moment, then told Jen to write,


” It’s strange thing, but we have discovered, when you remove all the legs from a frog, it turns deaf.”


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