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Posted on August 20, 2009 by D-Wish.
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Funny Motorcycle Video Collection with a little Text Message Thrown In

****Special Must See Video At End Of Page****

Driving And Text Messages Don’t seem to mix, but then again, when you see this Outrageous Video you will see they seem to fit just fine together.

Texting is so additive nowadays that even your Grandma and Grandpa are texting each other. The kids can’t let one day go pass without sending and receiving. There is no corner on earth which has not been exposed to the highly addictive art of the TEXT MESSAGE.

It will be law in many states in the future that you will not be able to use your precious cell phone in this manner while driving.
Sort of a safety issue they say.

This guy hasn’t heard it yet tho :shock:


This is One Outrageous Video that shows the Skills of Stupidity go further than you ever would imagine. Not only is this guy engrossed in his cellphone, besides sending and receiving messages he is probably surfing the internet.

This is one of those, “Don’t Try This At Home” (or on the road either)things.

You Have To Admit – This Guy Is Driving a straighter line than most of the cars on the road.

He is an excellent driver and we wonder is this his cousin in the following amazing motorcycle saving video.

Either Way Cousin or Not We Know The Guy In The Next Video Is In No Way Related

Maybe He Should Try Texting Instead Of Wheelies :twisted:


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