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Top 5 Must See Facebook Videos

Oh Yes! It is one of the biggest and fastest growing social site on planet earth. It allows you to put pictures on a Wall and connect with long lost friends like:
1. The girl you went to school with, but was too shy to ask out for a icecream.
2. The bully who pushed you around, and misses it now, since he has lost touch with you.
3. Your old math teacher who needs to know, if you ever became anything, or nothing like he always said.

FB also allows you to have a wall and connect with:
1. People you just left at your job.
2. Your neighborhood priest (for quick confessions).
3. Your current girlfriend and your old one (put them both up on your Facebook Wall) ( who found out how much random poking you were doing).

Facebook Pictures and Facebook Videos keep you whittling away the hours by supplying you with endless enjoyment.
Checking those ever changing status updates beat anything on the boob tube.
Its easy to maneuver through and learn the ends and outs. It is a constant Uplifting Status Changing experience connecting with so many fresh faces and old friends.

But did you ever stop for a moment, and think,( hmmmmm? ) that with so many ups, “What could be some of the Downs?”

We Thought Not! So We have collected some of the Top Videos loaded with the possibilities of what rabbit hole you may fall down, if you are not Careful with Foot.

Enter The Darkside

For those of you who sing the praises of this Top Social Site, You Can Sing Along With This Viral Video.
Do You Know Who Wants To Be Your Facebook Stalker? No? Yes?
You Can’t Take Their Mouse Away
Such A Beautiful Song

Have You Lost Anything Lately? Maybe some of your friends on Facebook can help you locate it. These guys are so helpful and observant. They should train for some type of Police Work (To Serve And To Poke-tect).

Do you know who you may be friends with?
Do you just add friends without viewing their status just to increase your friend count?
Do you know if they are nice friendly, hardworking citizens or maybe even Gangsta?
Do you keep up with all the status changes and ever increasing Facebook Wall additions.
Revelation–Gangstas on Facebook Exposed

Watch Your Friends Status Updates and Beware Of The Facebook addictive hold.
People change but usually not overnight-strike that last sentence-you can change (your status) instantly!

If you still insist on updating your exciting life , at least do it the proper way.
1. Do it at home or in an internet cafe or coffeehouse, and avoid surfing, adding friends, poking and defriending at your workplace.
2. For those who insist on breaking the rules, then this, “Top Viral Video” Of How to Facebook Properly is a Must See and a Must Do.
3. Facebook At Work–Sure Why Not–If You See This First.

Bonus Video***
We always give you a little bit more….
An Intriguing Gripping One Mans Story
A Must See Now Video Of A Compelling Draw You In Recital Of Events

You are free to Poke Us Anytime

Be Sure To Bookmark, Subscribe, Share With Friends And Check Back For More Updated Status Types, Facebook Wall Additions, Videos.

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