Funny Motivational Poster Of A Dog Farting-Pets Revenge

Farts Rule

Oh! Don’t be Prudish, because when it comes to Farting you know you will always get a good laugh!

This is one of the Funniest Motivational Posters around and it shows Dis-Stink-Ly that animals enjoy the fine art of flatulence just as well as their masters and human counterparts.

It takes a certain skill to do it properly sometimes. It’s sort of like a lost F-ArtForm that only the F-Artistically Inclined can do.

Farts have always been interesting and if you search the internet you will find many F-Articles expounding on the issue.

No one, no matter where in the world located, is excluded from this natural occurrence. They can be found occurring from the deepest parts of the jungle to the coldest edges of the F-Arctics.

Some of them are loud and have no smell but some of them are Silent-But-Deadly and could probably be used in wars for F-Artillery against the enemy.

Some people try to hold them in (Cute Females) when they feel them creeping out, but it’s probably better just to let them go, because you may not know what health conditions they could cause like maybe even F-Arthritis.

Well, That’s enough F-Articulating about the subject. Enjoy The Funny Dog Motivational Poster!

funny motivational poster with a picture of a dog farting and thinking
Some little known funny facts about farts:

The average person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day so your significant other is farting a very nice amount around you-maybe even now if they are with you. :shock:The speed at which they spread depends on atmospheric conditions such as humidity, temperture, wind speed, direction and let’s hope the wind is not blowing fast at your nostrils. :shock:

You only have a 13 to 20 second delay between farting and the time it starts to smell, so if you think it’s a bad one Get-To-Stepping! :shock:

Women Do it as much as Men but you can always have a contest to see who wins. :shock:

Best time of day you are most likely to fart is after waking up and this is usually called, “Morning Thunder” and it’s enough to shake the house. (And You Thought A Storm Was On The Way) :wink:

If your (lactose intolerant) friend or significant other is chugging down the milk or chowing up the beans, try to get the Hell Away cause it’s going to get realllll badddddd soon. :arrow:

Can you not fart? Sure, you can hold it in as long as you have strong muscles and stay awake but when you go to sleep the party will start right on time, whistles, drumbeats, horns and all. :lol:

Did you know they can actually burn because they contain hydrogen and sometimes methane, so be sure if you smoke don’t do it while this is going on or the next boom you hear might not be from your butt. :shock:

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