Funny News-Weird But True News

Funny News Collection presents some of the strangest and funniest newspaper clippings you will find.

It is unbelievable what some people do with their idle time. Whether it is that sweet old lady next door or that weird guy across the street no one is spared from becoming one of the fools for a day. Everyone wants to get that notoriously famous, “15 minutes of Fame”, but the way these folks get it is a laughing shame.

From the cute kid who says and does the most humorous things to that cute kid who displays future criminal tendencies, our newspapers fill up daily with their amusing antics.

The scary thing is some of these people in these news articles are Parents! Yes, they are full blooded, living and breathing Parents.

How in the world will their children survive with out a good role model. I guess if they are going to be grouped into that secret society of the clowns of society, they will have excellent teachers.

This short collection is an small sampling of what goes on everyday 2*** . It doesn’t matter what year it is, these people re bent on making a fool of themselves as easily shown in videos, pictures and our clippings of newspaper stories.

Hold your breath, kick your feet up, exhale and then peruse the written events of our weird and wonderful newsworthy people.

funny news  bank robberyimage

funny news clipping about beer

funny news about blind guy

crazy car news story

humorous criminal story poster

picture of teen employee humor

humorous food news image

picture of video game humor

image of funny deaf people news

newspaper image of funny criminals

image of funny court cases

funny picture of newspaper cat story

funny old people news


funny cops and criminal news image

Weird But True News Video

Know of any Newspaper Humor then send it in and get it featured.

Be sure to tell your friends about these by forwarding them and check back for More Funny News.

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1 comment.

Comment on June 16th, 2010.

Haha- Thats why I love the daily sun!-its all fake bull…. but it still shows how stupid us humans are…

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