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Women in the Military-What has this world come too. Are we so undermanned, that we have to use these fragile creatures to fight in our battles. Women are the caretakers and nurturers, who keep the family unit together.

They are (Many Men Say not us) adept at doing things like household chores consisting of cleaning and cooking and taking care of the needs of man.

They are soft and cuddly and they know how to take care of the male species.

Military Women? What good could come out of that. Can they withstand the harsh elements that a soldier must endure. Can they actually engage in ground warfare and be victorious. Can you depend on them to have your back in the heat of battle or the onslaught of the enemy.

Who cares, If they look like this, we are ready to teach them the art of weaponry, and the protection that comes from looking out for each other in the heat of battle.


Besides foxholes won’t take as much time to dig, because they won.t have to be that big.
If this motivational poster doesn’t inspire you to help out the females in the armed forces, we don’t know what will.

Bonus Military Tank Video

You Ain’t seen nothing like this Viral Video. Awesome is the word for it.

When it comes to training, why not train with a Tank. One of those super massive steel objects on wheels.

And while training to up your military skills have a little fun with it.

This guy doesn’t give up on the first try, No sir! He believes in perfection and blowing one gigantic skeet to smithereens, and enjoying the very loud Boom that goes with a job well done.

Bonus Video–Kim Kardashian And Carmen Electra—–Woooooo
These women are not in the military but they seem to like fighting!

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