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Posted on May 19, 2010 by D-Wish.
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A Must Read Videos Intro-Take A Moment

Welcome into the world of Reality for a moment.

From time to time between the funny videos, funny pictures, pranks, jokes, etc that we immerse ourselves in, we slip into the world of Reality to keep the balance. There are many things that we see everyday and still a greater amount of things we do not see. In order to broaden this tunnel vision or limited access to what’s really going on, we are fortunate to be able, at times, to see through the eyes of others.

We are emotionally driven creatures, who seek emotionally stimulating things.

We have through many hours of watching videos and sifting through pictures, seeking those few that could be classified as moving and powerful videos and pictures, and have arrived at these few.

These are some of the Best Videos Ever that can elicit True Emotion from the viewers.

Get Ready For A Happy, Sad, Shocking Reality, Emotional RollerCoaster Ride Into Video Sparked Reality………….

All Aboard!!!!!!!!

This is an amazingly real, no holds barred video ad,that has a punch you can feel. A most powerful look, at something that could affect everyone of us. Let’s say it hits you right in the Heart

Seatbelts Are So Annoying. They get in the way, they wrinkle up your clothes, it’s your car and no one should say what you need to do in it, yada yada yada…
This Powerful Commercial Video May Just Change Your Mind and the way you think forever.

Heard The Expression, “Do As I Say Not As I Do” NEWSFLASH* It Don’t Work That Good On Kids. Kids have a tendency to copy after their loving parents, after all they are the Role Models. This is again, one of the most moving videos you will ever see

If you are still able to continue this Emotional Rollercoaster Ride then the next stop is……Embracing Life and recognizing the Value of it. We Love Hard and We Are Experts Of that Emotion. This is a very Intense Commercial.

Drinking and Driving. Those two words seem to go together just like peanut butter and jelly, hot and cold, night and day, you get the drift. The thing is, They Don’t, unless you are prepared for one heck of a one way ride down. This is a must see video that everyone needs to see and share with their loved ones.

Smoking Is Puffing Your Life Away One Cool Breath At A Time. Just like the seconds pass in this hard hitting video.

Bonus Powerful Ad
Exhausted? As the Rollercoaster comes to a stop, you have time for one more video from the emotional and powerful ads collection. Drugs can turn you into your worst, “Nightmare On Your Street”.


We have to go get some rest now, we are emotionally drained from these ads picked for the, POWERFUL ADS AND COMMERCIALS COLLECTION


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