Funny Videos-Simple Things Drunks Find Hard To Do

Posted on September 3, 2010 by D-Wish.
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From The I’m So Drunk Videos Collection


Ever Been Drunk? Go Ahead And Tell The Truth. Remember how hard it is to do the simplest things. When you are totally wasted, even walking becomes an almost formidable task, to complete. There are a great number of the simplest things, that become hard to do. It Probably Would Be Easier To Complete, “The Twelve Labors of Hercules”.

Hell, speaking becomes a new slang language, which becomes lost in translation to sober people(not to other drunken fools).

One thing we can say is people are (falling)down-right funny when they are inebriated.

Camping is fun and they have tents now, that even preschoolers could pitch in less than 5 minutes, but drunks have a slight problem with this task.

The Help Me Out Brother Easy Tent

Ever Tried To Get Those Darn Shoes On After A Few Kegs Of Beer And 100 Proof Alcohol. They Become very tricky articles of clothing, requiring perseverance.

Shoes Do We Really Need Two Of Them-That’s Just Double Trouble

If A Stranger knocked you upside your head, would you still want more of him. I guess we really couldn’t call beer a stranger though. This guy is determined to have a little more of what has him whooped up.

Just Can’t Seem To Get Out This Store Without Falling

Planes, Trains, Boats and buses are hard to manuever when sober, but when you are drunk they become rollercoasters.

They sling and toss you around with aimless disregard. They can turn your body in to a giant slinky spinning off into a new wall or window every few seconds.

Hopefully the window you crash into is secure.

That’s Not My Stop But I’m Getting Off Now

This Last Video We Affectionately Titled:

After You Gotta Go…. You Gotta Gooooooooooo-Over A Wall

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