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This has got to be one of the funniest sports videos around and at the very least a funny video to start off with.

If your day has just begun or even if you are settling in for the night, we warn you laughter is on the way to your throat.

Football is an intense sport with hard hits and mind blowing moves. At times injuries become a common side effect of this extreme sport. Muscle bound athletes colliding into each other at top speeds will always give way to broken bones and broken spirits.

Often athletes play on with shatter bones because of the adrenalin rushes and the pure will to win.


The last thing they need when injured is some dumb medic adding insult to injury. Even though the hilarious incompetent moves of the medical helper do seem to make the injured player forget all about his injury.

One Funny Sports Video

This guy seems to have a nervous breakdown even after he is told that he was a victim of a prank concocted by his friend.

With friends like this who needs enemies.

The way this guy reacts, his friend must have known he was a spineless jellyfish and a simple loud Boo would have had him over the edge.

None the less he provides us with a hysterical LOL movement.

Who You Gonna Call

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